.@TaylorSwift13 Taught WHO How to #ShakeItOff?! – 7 Quick Clicks

[email protected] Taught WHO How to #ShakeItOff?! – 7 Quick Clicks

It is truly the year of Taylor freakin’ Swift. And Taylor, in all her newfound Pop Princess glory, has influenced people and celebrities alike to…well….“Shake It Off.”  1. First let’s take a glance at how ol’ Kelly Clarkson took shaking it off into her own hands: 2.  Nashville native, Meghan Trainor puts her spin on Shaking It Off. 3. Kelly Ripa and her co-host Michael Strahan definitely have...

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.@TaylorSwift13 Removes Music from @Spotify #CMnews

[email protected] Removes Music from @Spotify #CMnews

While she may be spending some time over in the pop world, the majority of Taylor Swift’s beloved catalog consists of country music; music that can no longer be found on widely used music application and web player, Spotify, much to the dismay of Spotify and music fans around the world. With a new album, 1989, that is unsurprisingly expected to debut at Number 1 tomorrow when the Billboard charts are revealed (and is anticipated...

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.@Meghan_Trainor Shakes It Off @TaylorSwift13 Style … Sort Of (Watch!)

[email protected]_Trainor Shakes It Off @TaylorSwift13 Style … Sort Of (Watch!)

If you have a radio (and a pulse) you have likely heard of Meghan Trainor. She is the current “it” girl, having released the trendy “All About That Bass” (of which we recently posted a Mary Sarah cover) and watching it soar to Number 1 in several countries. Now, it’s Meghan’s turn to take on a likewise popular and successful track released by another young, but far from unexperienced, artist. Taylor...

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