.@TheRock Takes on the #LipSyncBattle with @TaylorSwift13’s #ShakeItOff (Watch!)

[email protected] Takes on the #LipSyncBattle with @TaylorSwift13’s #ShakeItOff (Watch!)

A couple of weeks ago we teased that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would be performing Taylor Swift’s cult classic “Shake It Off” on Spike TV’s new show Lip Sync Battle. You all showed us by your many clicks on the teaser that you couldn’t wait to see The Rock’s full version … and now you needn’t wait a moment longer. Without further ado, here is The Rock lip syncing his heart...

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.@TheRock to Lip Sync @TaylorSwift13’s #ShakeItOff on @SpikeTV’s #LipSyncBattle

[email protected] to Lip Sync @TaylorSwift13’s #ShakeItOff on @SpikeTV’s #LipSyncBattle

LL Cool J is about to take his lip-lickin’ hosting style to a new Spike TV television show, Lip Sync Battle. Spike TV is known for unabashedly presenting its shows in the most memorable of lights (does anyone remember the Joe Schmoe Show? Anyone?), and Lip Sync Battle is no different. So, to launch the new television series, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be taking on one of music’s biggest phenomenons …...

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Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Shakes It Off to @TaylorSwift13 (Watch!)

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Shakes It Off to @TaylorSwift13 (Watch!)

March is Child Life Month, and the patients and staff at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (“CHOP”) found quite the unique way to celebrate the month they hold so near and dear. With the help of many who made this video possible, patients, nurses, doctors, and even dogs joined forces to show the world that sometimes the best way to deal with the cards you’ve been dealt is to “shake it off, shake it...

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.@USAToday Names Its Musician of the Year….

[email protected] Names Its Musician of the Year….

There is no denying that Taylor Swift has dominated the world in 2014. While she wasn’t active until she released the first single off her highly anticipated 5th studio album, 1989, in late August, Miss Swift certainly made up for lost time. She broke records with chart topping hits “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space,” she was the ONLY pop artist to go platinum in 2014, and she made her way into millions of...

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.@TaylorSwift13 Taught WHO How to #ShakeItOff?! – 7 Quick Clicks

[email protected] Taught WHO How to #ShakeItOff?! – 7 Quick Clicks

It is truly the year of Taylor freakin’ Swift. And Taylor, in all her newfound Pop Princess glory, has influenced people and celebrities alike to…well….“Shake It Off.”  1. First let’s take a glance at how ol’ Kelly Clarkson took shaking it off into her own hands: 2.  Nashville native, Meghan Trainor puts her spin on Shaking It Off. 3. Kelly Ripa and her co-host Michael Strahan definitely have...

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