.@TheRock Takes on the #LipSyncBattle with @TaylorSwift13’s #ShakeItOff (Watch!)

[email protected] Takes on the #LipSyncBattle with @TaylorSwift13’s #ShakeItOff (Watch!)

A couple of weeks ago we teased that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would be performing Taylor Swift’s cult classic “Shake It Off” on Spike TV’s new show Lip Sync Battle. You all showed us by your many clicks on the teaser that you couldn’t wait to see The Rock’s full version … and now you needn’t wait a moment longer. Without further ado, here is The Rock lip syncing his heart...

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.@TheRock to Lip Sync @TaylorSwift13’s #ShakeItOff on @SpikeTV’s #LipSyncBattle

[email protected] to Lip Sync @TaylorSwift13’s #ShakeItOff on @SpikeTV’s #LipSyncBattle

LL Cool J is about to take his lip-lickin’ hosting style to a new Spike TV television show, Lip Sync Battle. Spike TV is known for unabashedly presenting its shows in the most memorable of lights (does anyone remember the Joe Schmoe Show? Anyone?), and Lip Sync Battle is no different. So, to launch the new television series, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be taking on one of music’s biggest phenomenons …...

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.@CassadeePope & @KixBrooks Honor Dale Earnhardt on @SpikeTV #IAmDale

[email protected] & @KixBrooks Honor Dale Earnhardt on @SpikeTV #IAmDale

Dale Earnhardt, Sr. is one of the most beloved NASCAR drivers in the history of the sport. Whether you watch races, understand the difference between the flags, or are brushed up on the rules of the “road,” one thing is for sure — you know the name Earnhardt, were stunned by his untimely death, and mourned the loss with racing fans. Last night on Spike TV, a special aired honoring the beloved NASCAR champion, showing...

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