.@BetteMidler Covers @OfficialTLC’s #Waterfalls (Listen!)

[email protected] Covers @OfficialTLC’s #Waterfalls (Listen!)

Yes, you read that right. The queen of all things (film, theater, and music) took on a “classic” TLC song and forever changed the musically educational one-two punch that crossed boundaries many many moons ago. “Waterfalls” was a controversial song in the mid-nineties, broaching subjects such as drugs, promiscuity, HIV/AIDS, and, ultimately, death, but opened eyes to the seriousness of the topics and earned...

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.@DariusRucker and @CassadeePope Take on #JohnnyCash & #JuneCarterCash Duet (Watch!)

[email protected] and @CassadeePope Take on #JohnnyCash & #JuneCarterCash Duet (Watch!)

In Gilford, New Hampshire this past weekend, Darius Rucker took the stage for a memorable evening for show-goers. Joining Darius were country newcomer Joel Crouse and platinum-selling artist Cassadee Pope. The show fell on the anniversary of the legendary Johnny Cash’s death, giving rise to a Darius tribute to the man in black. Halfway through his set, Darius asked Cassadee to join him on stage for a performance of the Johnny...

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.@CassadeePope Returns to Her Rocker Roots

[email protected] Returns to Her Rocker Roots

You might not know this, but Cassadee Pope has her cowboy boots firmly cemented in rocker roots. So, while the guys of Mötley Crüe may be shocked that someone, especially someone as endearing as Cassadee, found the song “The Animal in Me,” it should come as no surprise to Cassadee’s fans that this multi-genre artist uncovered a hidden gem. A hidden gem full of controversy, attitude, and sex. True, the subject of the...

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