.@TwoStoryRoad Question and Answer #TwoStoryTuesday

[email protected] Question and Answer #TwoStoryTuesday

This week we, Two Story Road, opened up the floor to you, the fans, to ask any questions you’ve ever wanted to know about us.  We received an overwhelming response on both Twitter & Facebook.  We did our best to answer as many of them as possible.  Hope y’all enjoy this week’s post!   1. Samantha – With the holidays just around the corner, what do you guys look forward to the most? Getting together with family is always a...

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.@TwoStoryRoad’s #TwoStoryTuesday – It’s All In Who You Know

[email protected]’s #TwoStoryTuesday – It’s All In Who You Know

”How did you get an audition to sing with Carrie Underwood?” “How did you become Danny Gokey’s band leader?” “How can I get a publishing deal?” “How did you get Mark Bright to be your producer?” These are questions that we’ve heard a lot.  Nashville is a wonderful but interesting place.  On one hand, if you’ve got a dream to work in the music business, Music City is where you need to be.  On...

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.@TwoStoryRoad’s #TwoStoryTuesday – “Hand-Me-Down Town”

[email protected]’s #TwoStoryTuesday – “Hand-Me-Down Town”

Last week on our online Stageit concert, we debuted this song that we wrote a while back with our good friend Cassidy Lynn Alexander. During our writing session with her, we somehow got on the subject of how we all had been given hand-me-down clothes & toys growing up from older family members or friends. We started developing those memories into a story and came up with this song. All three of us agreed that after a while,...

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.@TwoStoryRoad’s #TwoStoryTuesday – Nashville Songwriting

[email protected]’s #TwoStoryTuesday – Nashville Songwriting

On this edition of #TwoStoryTuesday we thought we’d give you a little peek into the wonderful world of songwriting, or at least how it looks to us.  Also included in this post are some never before heard audio clips of our songs recorded straight from the writing room and then transformed into full production demos. As some of you may or may not know, Nashville is a town full of songwriters.  We’ve had the honor of writing...

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#TwoStoryTuesday: A Night at @BluebirdCafeTN with @TwoStoryRoad

#TwoStoryTuesday: A Night at @BluebirdCafeTN with @TwoStoryRoad

We usually wouldn’t think to spend an entire Two Story Road’s #TwoStoryTuesday post on one performance, but when you get to play the Bluebird, it’s definitely worth sharing. Some of you may be familiar with the Bluebird because of it’s frequent appearance on the TV show “Nashville”.  What you may or may not realize is that the Bluebird has been an iconic venue for years.  In fact, perhaps only the...

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