Single Review: @tatestevensctry is “Better At Night”

Fresh off a landslide victory in Country Music #CMChat‘s weekly Digital Duel, we knew we just had to take a closer look at Tate Stevens‘ new single “Better at Night.” It takes one heck of a song and one heck of a fanbase to take down country powerhouses like Dustin Lynch and James Otto, but that’s exactly what Tate Stevens did with “Better at Night.”

The track is an uptempo ode to the nighttime, a catchy melody and strong hook perfect for a beer can-in-the-air-singalong. “As much as I love the sunshine, And lookin’ at the world through a pair of Ray-bans…” Stevens croons, setting the stage for an ode to the night.

The chorus is where the song shines brightest, it’s catchy lyrics playing over a earwormy guitar melody.

Cause the Drinks get stronger, The music gets louder, 
The dresses get shorter, oh my, oh my,
The stars catch fire, We keep getting higher,
And everybody’s feelin’ alright, alright,
You get that drive me crazy, come get me baby, Look in your eyes,
Yeah, the day’s just better at night…

While lyrically, the song could be sung by almost any of country’s current hitmakers, Stevens shines on his delivery with a booming voice that would make many of country’s current bros simply look mediocre.

After winning X-Factor in 2012, Stevens released an album that included the powerful ballad “Power of a Love Song” that just barely cracked the Top 50 of the Billboard Country Airplay chart, causing Stevens to be dropped from his record deal at RCA Records. That disappointment, however, hasn’t slowed him down, as he works on a new album through the backing of his fans on Kickstarter. If the album is anything like “Better at Night,” fans should starting donating. Perhaps he’ll name the project Better Sans Label?

Forget Carpe Diem with Tate Stevens, “Better at Night” is all about seizing the night. Carpe Noctem, friends!

Listen to Tate Stevens’ “Better at Night” now!

What do you think of “Better at Night”? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. <3 Tate Stevens is such an awesome singer, love his new single Better At Night. I flew down from Alberta, Canada to go see his concert in Missouri last July, it was the BEST live concert I've ever seen!!

  2. Tate Stevens is just an amazing singer. He could sing the phone book and make it sound great. That's how good he is. His new single "Better at Night is an awesome song. I would buy anything he puts out.

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