Tate Stevens

Tate Stevens, country music recording artist and champion of singing competition television show The X-Factor, joined Jessica Northey and Country Music #CMchat for a Twitterview tonight, February 2nd. Tate, the self-proclaimed “sexiest man alive” (during a recent telephone conversation with #CMchat), comes from musical beginnings and has continued to strive toward a career in music on and off throughout his entire life.

Currently, Tate has a single “Better at Night” that thrilled his fans and gave them a glimpse at what they can expect on an upcoming album. However, when that album would be released and what else they would find on the offering remained a mystery … until now! While we might not have an exact release date, we definitely found out what Tate is most looking forward to on his upcoming record, which was enough to curb our country music appetites for the time being.

After speaking with Tate recently, we knew how excited his amazing fans would be (oh, and trust us, he absolutely adores each and every one of you and is so thankful for your support) to hear what he has in the works in the near future. With a man as appreciative and fan-focused as Tate, it made a world of sense to open the interview process up for those much beloved fans to interact with their favorite artist. We are so glad the stars aligned and this was able to happen because this Monday was most certainly “Better at Night,” as Tate was able to share some firsthand information in real-time with those who are eagerly anticipating his next big career move.

With that being said, you are probably wondering what the fun-loving, family man shared with the Country Music #CMchat community tonight. Speaking of family, we found out that Tate automatically seeks advice from his wife when he’s looking for some words of wisdom. “Why?” you may ask … because she knows it all! Pretty sure there was a tidbit of sarcasm in that response, Tate! We also learned that he couldn’t live without his children; and the entire #CMchat community tweeted an in-stereo “AWWWWW!”

Tate also told us about what his musical roots taught him, whether he would go back through the strenuous schedule of a singing competition show, and what he wishes he could live without. If you are chomping at the bit for the answers from this “darn sexy” man, we invite you to read the tweet-by-tweet account showing that all things #CMchat truly are “Better at Night!”

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