Taylor Acorn ‘Put It In A Song’ is Fire

All I can really say is wow. Jaw dropping, mesmerizing, and entrancing Taylor Acorn’s new single “Put It In A Song” is one for the books. This girl should be on everyone’s radar and this is the perfect song to finally put her on the map.

Giving you Kelsea Ballerini vibes, Taylor Acorn is the next big thing. Her upbeat new single mixed with her incredible vocals adds an element of surprise. I’m impressed with her talent and the way she owns a song. I’d even mistake her for a veteran musician! She has a little Carrie Underwood in her and her sound reminds me of “Look At Me.” Like 2005 Carrie– trust me you’ll be jamming right away!

But the beat is just the beginning, Taylor Acorn penned the track herself. The lyrics are clever and inspiring. I mean who hasn’t had a broken heart? These words depict exactly what all of us have felt. It’s obvious she’s been there and Taylor has put it all out there for the world to hear.

“Tryin’ to pretend that I don’t even miss him
Here we go again
‘Cause I can’t seem to find what I’m searchin’ for
The bottom of a bottle’s all I know anymore
And it used to be you
Boy what do I do”

This is just the beginning for Taylor and I’m excited to see where she goes from here. Taylor Acorn’s ability to put her feelings on paper is a rare gift and I’m completely blown away by it. This song is catchy and it’s a must have.

Author: Cassie Lynn Wells

I believe in the power of music and the magic of words. The host of "Cassie's Kick-ass Country" podcast. US Army Soldier. Ohio raised, but my heart's in Nashville. Reba McEntire brought me to country music and it's where I found my passion.

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