The Secret’s Out! @TaylorSwift13 Makes Big Announcements via @Yahoo!

We have been waiting. Anticipating. Contemplating. Speculating. Today, the wait is over, as Taylor Swift has revealed what all the secrecy has been about.

Live from the top of the Empire State Building in New York City, Taylor introduced her “live stream extravaganza adventure con” (as she put it) special on Yahoo!, then entered into a room of adoring, enthusiastic hand-picked fans. Taylor announced she had three big surprises to share today, especially loving the one at the end.

1. Taylor announced that she has a new song and, much to the fans’ appreciation, she played it live during the big event. The song, written by Taylor, Max Martin, and Johan Shellback, is about recognizing that people can say anything they want about you at any time and you cannot control that. The only thing that can be controlled is your reaction. Taylor’s take is you can travel one of two roads: let it get to you and make you crazy or just shake it off. The song, a dance pop track, is aptly entitled “Shake it Off.”

In response to “Shake it Off,” Country Music Chat #CMchat’s Nicole Piering had my favorite tweet of the day:

2. Next, Taylor announced that she has been working on a new album for two years. She admitted that two years is her standard timeframe for working on an album because it allows her time to change as a person and honor those changes in her music. Taylor deems the upcoming record as the “most sonically cohesive” album she has ever made and her favorite record to date. She calls this album a rebirth for her and a change that she has never made before. The album will be called 1989, signifying the year of her birth. The album is also Taylor’s first official pop album. 1989 will hit stores on October 27th and is now available for pre-order on

Taylor explained that she often writes songs based on the “gibberish” in her head, jotting things down and speaking into her phone to record her thoughts. As such, she also announced that there will be a deluxe version of the album, containing three additional songs, which are made of voice notes from her phone.

Taylor Swift 1989 Cover

3. Taylor’s final and favorite announcement is that she has already filmed a new music video on which she was able to work with a director she dreamed to work with for years. For the video, Taylor enlisted the help of a group of 100 professional dancers, who also happen to be her fans. Among the dancers is Taylor herself. Check out the new video here:

As a bonus, Taylor further announced that they have created something called “1989 Swiftstakes,” giving away 1,989 tickets to her next tour, ensuring that winners are able to meet the superstar. Details on how you can enter to win can be found on

During this special Taylor reminded us that she remains down-to-earth, humble, and incredibly cool. You may not love everything she does all the time, but you can’t help but love her as a person. She truly is one of a kind.

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