Taylor Swift Channels Inner Psycho in New Video for Song “Blank Space” (Watch!)

No one plays a crazy rich serial dater quite as well as Taylor Swift.  Of course, when the media has painted you as that character for years, it was a pretty easy role for Taylor to fit.

Ms. Swift channeled some serious psycho in her hot new video for the single “Blank Space” and it leaves me wanting more.  Gone away is the little girl that would let the media trash her…in fact, it’s the media that is getting trashed in this video. So before you go questioning which guy this song is about….you might want to know Taylor decided to embrace this “character” the media made her out to be and play it out in the most twisted, sarcastic way possible. The video is directed by famed director Joseph Kahn, who is behind some of Nsync and Britney’s best videos, and has a storyline that would make for a hell of a Lifetime movie.

And that’s just it…this video brings back a story line.  True chapter to chapter scenario’s that have you on the edge of your seat wondering what this crazy serial dater is going to do next! Couple that with an extremely hot leading man and you have a recipe for success. Don’t believe me? Just watch it for yourself….but don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

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