Taylor Swift does a lot for her fans, but she expects a lot from them in return.

By now you should know Taylor Swift managed to conquer the impossible by slaying the record sales with her latest album, 1989’s debut week. To the tune of 1.287 million. The first album of 2014 to even reach Platinum and the highest selling album in 12 years. But that didn’t exactly come easy for Taylor. She really hustled for it. I mean she’d been planning this for several months before. Carefully plotting her plan of attack on how to really make sure her Wall Street Journal Op Ed didn’t make her look like a hypocrite. That alone proved she had a lot at stake.

So, Taylor went back to the very foundation of what helped shape her into the world’s biggest star in the first place. Yup…she took to social media and started stalking…or “taylurking” as the kids these days are calling it…fans. Carefully commenting and liking on posts that would draw just the perfect amount on attention and thus build momentum for her album. The buzz for 1989 was huge way before she even announced the single. She then started partnering with brands to offer meet and greets. And then there was the whole inviting fans to her place. I mean that took things to a whole new level.  This was pretty much a shoe in that she would have all her original fans as putty in her hands.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There has to be some sincerity to what she’s done. I mean she made herself very vulnerable to fans AND the media by doing this. But to think she was doing it just out of the kindness of her heart is also a little far fetched. This is marketing 101. Even Fortune 500 companies need to break out a pen and take notes.

Now the naysayers are going to say that Taylor didn’t have to go all out like she did, and you’re right. But, what she’s asking in return is a lot.

She’s asking for people to stay up all hours of the night to buy the singles. Okay? Then there’s the whole buying the actual album. Alright? And the merch associated with it all. And it’s not cheap! A brand new fragrance to accompany it all was a must, too. Buying the food/products of the brands that were offering the meet and greets can get expensive, too.

And now she’s sprung on tour dates. Tour dates a year in advance (I can’t even plan on what I’m doing next week, let alone a year from now!) That are priced out of a comfort zone for many of her fans. Social media is going crazy talking about how they’re going to afford it.

Now, I know…this is all a part of the game and strike while the iron is hot…but…do you think it’s a tad overkill?

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