[email protected] Taught WHO How to #ShakeItOff?! – 7 Quick Clicks

It is truly the year of Taylor freakin’ Swift. And Taylor, in all her newfound Pop Princess glory, has influenced people and celebrities alike to…well….“Shake It Off.” 

1. First let’s take a glance at how ol’ Kelly Clarkson took shaking it off into her own hands:

2.  Nashville native, Meghan Trainor puts her spin on Shaking It Off.

3. Kelly Ripa and her co-host Michael Strahan definitely have worthy mention for their Shake It Off Video.

4. The Vine sensation that is Us The Duo put a different sound to the song.

5. It wouldn’t be a Shake It Off cover list without the boys of Delta Sigma Pi...who got an invite to attend a Taylor Swift concert from Tay herself!

6. British Pop star Labrinth made this song sound like an insanely beautiful ballad:

7. And lucky # 7 goes to the Angels of Victoria’s Secret because….why not:


How could I end this post without a bonus video of the queen of shaking it off herself, Taylor Swift?!

If that’s not enough to motivate you to get off your seat and start dancing then I don’t know what will. I mean seriously….I lost 5 pounds just watching these people get down with their bad selves.


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