So just who did Taylor Swift spend her Valentine’s Day with?

If you’re expecting some juicy revelation about who Taylor Swift spent her Valentine’s Day with…well…you’re not getting one. Because Swift ended up inviting a 15-year-old named Sophie and her family over to her New York apartment for bonding time with the global superstar’s cat Olivia Benson, loads of selfies, baking and even a mini jam session on Taylor’s piano.

“I just spent the past three and a half hours hanging out with the world’s greatest musician, inspiration, and friend. and her cat,” Sophie posted on Tumblr after the get-together, sharing a number of photos she and Swift took together. The fan went on, “Taylor, thank you so much for everything. I will never be able to put into worlds how grateful and thankful my family and I are that you welcomed us into your home, made us lunch, baked cookies with us, SANG WILDEST DREAMS, took selfies, and spent your time talking to us… ON VALENTINE’S DAY. I love you more that words could ever describe and this was by far the best day of my life.”


Sophie was obviously overcome with some serious excitement. I mean not very many people can say they’ve spent quality bonding time with their absolute favorite celebrity and oddly enough…most of the ones that can…are also Taylor Swift fans.

So, what was Swift and her home like? “She was soo oooo oooo genuine,” said Sophie, noting, “Her house was just so magical, like everything was so beautiful.” The singer made matching flower crowns for herself and Sophie to wear, and played “Wildest Dreams” on the piano, a track from 1989 that Swift has yet to perform publicly. “We sat down to take a photo at the piano and she started playing and then all of a sudden she started to sing like I DIED,” Sophie posted, adding, “Saying it was the most magnificent, beautiful, incredible sound I have ever heard would be an understatement.”

I’d be lying if I said there weren’t some major emotional feels going on after reading this. HOW SPECIAL.

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