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Hey STARS!!!!

Once again you blew up Twitter! Trending for the 3rd week in a row, I guess you guys like this…a lot….so let’s keep on doing it! #HeyStar is a brand new Twitter Hashtag Chat aka Twitterview Q&A featuring Celebrities including Television and Movie Stars, Athletes, Musicians, High Profile Personalities, hosted by me (@JessicaNorthey) and Tommy Geraci @Teeco71.

Hope you had a blast last night. Ted  Stryker has gotta be one of the coolest, and humblest guys on the planet. He’s also kinda easy on the eyes. As I was doing the recap, I realized we missed a few questions. I’ll see if I can get some answer for ya ASAP!

So on Thursday August 16th Ted Ramon Stryker AKA Stryker, an American radio personality, TV host, and actor. (Also known as Stryker the afternoon host on The World Famous KROQ in Los Angeles and host of Out Of Order, the #1 Alternative Rock Syndicated countdown radio show in the USA) joined us for a Twitterview….here are the results.

Q1 Describe yourself in 140 characters? #HeySTAR!

A1 Radio nerd, stream of consciousness talker, face for radio TV host, easy going yet competitive, love to laugh and not cry

Q2 If you had a theme song or there was a song that played every time you walked in a room, what would it be? #HeySTAR!

A2 Theme of Different Strokes (I’m a man of means) and the first 60 seconds of the song Knights of Cydonia #HeySTAR

Q3 let’s say a non-tricky genie offered you 3 wishes, what would you wish for? #HeySTAR!

A3  ???

Q4 when you were DJing for @TheEllenShow what made you the MOST nervous? #HeySTAR! via @ShannonBlack995

A4 Most nervous was dancing like a fool on camera and forgetting to zip my fly.

Q5 Who is a better dancer? You, @TheEllenShow or @MCHammer? #HeyStar via @Teeco71

A5 I’m a better dancer than @MCHammer but not as good as @TheEllenShow,I am better than Mikhail Baryshnikov #HeySTAR

Q6 Most bizarre problem anyone ever called Loveline about when you were hosting? #HeySTAR! via @sneezeguard

A6 ????

Q7 “People always tell me…” (Finish this sentence)? #HeySTAR!

A7 You’re taller than I thought and can I see your tail?

Q8 Do you define yourself based mainly on your intentions, your actions, or something else? #HeySTAR! via @mswillielosito

A8 Actions and effort!

Q9 What is something that you are you really bad at? #HeySTAR! via @MarcyMassura

A9 I cannot change a tire but I like to drive I can’t cook either but I enjoy eating.

Q10 what prized possession do you value above all others? #HeySTAR! via @HTKatie

A10 ???

Q11 Which is tougher, acting, DJ’ing, Live Hosting or driving in LA? #HeySTAR! via @shootinthedirt

A11 Acting is the toughest x a million! I stink at it but I love it when I get the chance. #EnjoyTheHarmony #HeySTAR

Q12 Dogs or cats? #HeySTAR! via @ImwithJessica


Q13 Name 3 things you think you would need to break out of prison? #HeySTAR! via @CountryInAZ

A13 1. Relationship with prison worker 2. Running shoes 3. Purell I could totally do it.

Q14 Is there anything we haven’t asked you about you that you think fans would want to know about you? #HeySTAR!

A14 I seek comfort in my old age, I love to work, I like hotels and @DesertSprings, lettuce, candy, and reubens

  And of course there’s always the off the cuff Q’s What he likes best about his job  https://twitter.com/TedStryker/status/621849309114318848

Keep up with Stryker on TwitterFacebook, his website or anywhere he posts. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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Author: Jessica Northey

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