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Some songs need a highway, some songs need a church, some songs need a tear and some just need to hear the hurt…

And so goes the chorus of Terri Clark’s new single, an anthem for musicians and music lovers alike, “Some Songs.” While the video premiered last week on CMT Canada, it made its U.S. debut today all across the Internet. The clip is a perfect compliment to the video, illustrating how ‘some songs’ can make a good day even better.

While the video is simple, it shines in its simplicity, portraying Clark as the down-to-earth country star she is. (Just listen to America’s Morning Show for further proof of that!) It portrays her in her natural habitat, hanging outside with friends, including her beloved dogs, around a campfire by the lake. It also looks pretty impressive as she plays the electric guitar on the back of a moving boat.

The “Better Things To Do” singer will be releasing her new album, also titled Some Songs, on September 2nd. It’s her first release since 2012’s Classic, an album of timeless covers that featured duets with the likes of Reba McEntire and Dierks Bentley. The new album, produced by Michael Knox (Jason Aldean), is due in large to Terri’s devoted fans, aka the “Hat Brats,” who contributed funds via a PledgeMusic campaign. In return, Clark offered some great personal experiences for her fans, including phone calls, golf outing, autographs and more.

“Together (You, Me, & PledgeMusic), we’re going to revolutionize the way we make my next studio album,” Clark writes. “After all, YOU are the reason I’m still making music and touring every year, and I can’t think of a better group of people to join forces with to make this new record than the FANS!”

Girls may lie too, but this CMChat writer isn’t lying when she says that you’re sure to have “Some Songs” stuck in your head all day!

Watch the video for Terri Clark’s “Some Songs” here!

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  1. I can tell Terri how much it means to me as a Hat Brat and proud long time fan that she appreaciate us like we do her. In just over two months for the new album release. Listening & watching Some Songs several times a day never can get old, yet it'll be great to be able to jam to the rest of her ew album. Some (Most) Songs need Terri Clark. Love ya Terri!

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