[email protected] & @Favre4Official Enter Epic Battle (Watch!)

Tim McGraw has been working on his fitness as of late, so it is a mystery as to why anybody would challenge him to a duel. However, retired NFL quarterback, Brett Favre, isn’t afraid of a battle with the “Indian Outlaw,” and he proved his confidence in the matter on Sqor Sports, when he called Tim out and issued a bet that could leave the country music superstar feeling a bit cheesy at the end.

Don’t worry Tim fans, if you like him and you love him, you can help your guy out by signing up at Sqor Sports and following him on the social media platform that allows you to watch sporting events with likeminded fans. All Tim has to do is score 10,000 followers by April 1st in order to avoid “sporting” Brett’s infamous Green Bay Packers jersey for a 24-hour period. What happens when Tim succeeds? Brett Favre will put down the ball and pick up the mic, singing a line from Tim’s upbeat “Felt Good on My Lips.”

So, Tim McGraw fans, the challenge now extends to you. Can you help this “Real Good Man” reach his goal and maintain his football integrity by steering clear of becoming a cheesehead for the day? Watch the videos below, hear what each of these legends in their respective trade has to say, and give Tim a click to follow.

Who knows? Maybe the Mississippi dwelling football star has a few notes in him that we aren’t expecting … there’s only one way to find out!

Author: Country Cadre

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