[email protected] Prepares to Watch His Little Girls #FlyAway

Poor Tim McGraw. Not only does he have to swat female fans away who make a grab at him, and not only does he have to listen to other men swoon over his beautiful wife; but he also has to worry about the men who are going to sweep his three teenage daughters off their feet.

Though he’s an Indian outlaw, Tim swears he’s “not too tough” with the girls’ gentlemen callers. The estrogen-surrounded male recently told Rachael Ray:

I mean, I have sledgehammer. I want it to be visceral. No, I’m not that tough. I mean, I try to act like I am, but I just want them to be happy. I want them to have a good time.

And if by “them,” Tim means the young men wooing the McGraw girls, they do seem to be enjoying themselves … especially when it comes to spending time with Mama Bear, Faith Hill.

She’s pretty sweet. She’s sweet to the guys, yeah. They love her they like her better than they do me, of course.

Tim’s overseeing of those coming to pick up his daughters will soon become a little less time consuming, as his and Faith’s oldest daughter, eighteen-year-old Gracie, will be moving out and heading off to college after this school year. Tim has recently expressed his heartbreak regarding letting his little girl fly away, but he is taking a couple of months off from the music scene to help her find her path.

Well there’s a lot going on. It’s Gracie’s senior year in high school, it’s her last few months at home.We have a lot of colleges to visit, she hasn’t picked one yet. She’s got a pretty good idea, but she’s got a couple she wants to see first. I want her to get out from under our umbrella, and find herself. I want her to go wherever she wants, and experience life.

Lucky for us, Tim’s “break” from music will be short-lived, as he prepares to embark on the Shotgun Rider Tour this summer.

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