Concert Review: Tim McGraw – Shotgun Rider Tour

Tim McGraw’s Shotgun Rider Tour with Billy Currington and newcomer Chase Bryant brought even more heat to Phoenix, Arizona than usual.

When Chase Bryant opened I thought, “He has better looking hair than I do” and “I wonder if those holes came with his skinny jeans?” He played a quick set of five songs which showed off his guitar slinging which was on par with vets like Keith Urban and Brad Paisley. What was even more impressive is that the left-hander plays a right-handed guitar upside down much like Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain did.

Chase Bryant

Before singing his last song, “Take it on Back,” Bryant put on a Phoenix Suns jersey. It was obvious half the crowd forgot we have an NBA team. Is it football season yet?

Billy Currington must have the same clothing stylist as Bryant because he also came out in skin tight jeans. He played many of his hit songs including, “We Are Tonight,” “Good Directions,” “Must Be Doin’ Something Right,” and “People Are Crazy.” I personally feel we were ALL crazy for bearing the 115 degree heat.

After only singing a few songs Currington was dripping in sweat. He should have considered pulling a Jake Owen and cutting off his curly locks. I thought the sweatier he got, the better he looked. Currington really got the crowd going when he sang “Uptown Funk” which left me thinking “Hot Damn”!

Billy Currington

Tim McGraw arrived to a crowd of screaming fans. He opened with “Truck Yeah” which set the tone for the night. McGraw is a true entertainer. He shows his love for fans by singing to them, holding their hands, and making them feel connected to his lyrics as he sang a mix of old and new hits. My favorites were “Something Like That,” “I Like It I Love It,” “The Cowboy in Me,” “Indian Outlaw,” and “Live Like You Were Dying.”

McGraw has been touring for a long time and it’s obvious he and his band members enjoy what they do. His bass guitarist is fun to watch as I’m positive he spent more time bouncing up and down than standing in one place.

Tim McGraw

At one point during the concert, McGraw invited Barrel Boy from KNIX to center stage to help him sing “Where The Green Grass Grows.” Those who followed the Super bowl might remember Barrel Boy from Media Day, coining him as the most “bizarre” reporter. I see nothing wrong with a man in a barrel wearing only bowling shoes and a black cowboy hat.

McGraw ended the night with “Live Like You Were Dying.” The concert was well worth being in the scorching heat, running to secure a front row spot at the stage, and standing in a crowded area for six hours straight. The Shotgun Rider Tour is definitely one to see and will not disappoint.

Tim McGraw

Author: Liz Kellogg

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