Travis Tritt to Narrate Movie About Walt Disney

An independent film is in the works about the life of the great Walt Disney. Walt continues to inspire people with his dream, even in his death. “As Dreamers Do” promises to take us on a journey to the life of the man that made all things possible.

The film makers made a fun announcement for country music fans this week:

Cast Announcement:
Every movie needs a storyteller and we got a great one. Please welcome to the cast as The Narrator – Grammy, CMA, Billboard Award Winner – Travis Tritt !

When our director first read the script he said the voice of Travis Tritt was in his head. You can imagine how thrilled we are to actually have him in that role.

Fans are thrilled as well evidenced by the outpouring of support on social media for Travis. We look forward to the release of this film in spring.

“Its kind of fun to do the impossible” Walt Disney

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  1. travis tritt will be awesome in this.can’t wait for the movie.


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