What the Fudge?! @TrishaYearwood Shares @GarthBrooks’ Mom’s Recipe (Watch!)


Trisha Yearwood has become well-known outside the country music community for being a stellar southern cook. Sharing her kitchen on a weekly basis with Food Network, her fans, and special guest friends/family, Trisha brings country cooking to our television sets on Saturday mornings.

With it being Mother’s Day, it seemed apropos to share one of Trisha’s special mom-related recipes; but what makes this recipe even more special is that she actually borrowed it from the mother of “Mom” singer himself, Garth Brooks. Trisha’s mother-in-law, Colleen, allegedly makes the best fudge, and now, all the other loving mothers out there have the opportunity to also become experts in this arena, courtesy of the clip embedded below from Trisha’s Southern Kitchen.

Check your diets at the door this Mother’s Day and make your mom a batch of this decadent treat. Hey, even throw in “Trisha Yearwood taught this to me AND it’s Garth Brooks’ mom’s recipe” for additional brownie points (pun moderately intended).

Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions from Trisha Yearwood.

Author: Jen Swirsky


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