EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Trisha Yearwood ‘The Song Remembers When’ Country Music Hall of Fame

Trisha Yearwood – the subject of the new exhibit The Song Remembers When at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum – says that getting to meet her heroes is something she always has treasured – and always will. She recalls a particular album signing that she attended not too long after moving to Music City in 1985.

“When I first moved to town, Reba McEntire was one of my favorites,” she recalled. “She was signing autographs at a record store in Rivergate Mall, and I went.” However, the Georgia native became a little shy when she came face to face with the icon whom she had long admired. “I got up to the table, and I couldn’t speak. I didn’t even bring anything to sign,” she said with a laugh. “I was such a rookie that I didn’t know what I was doing.”

Yearwood has worked with McEntire several times since, and also has collaborated with artists such as Don Henley – who at a listening party for his upcoming album Cass County, praised Yearwood’s work ethic, simply saying, “She gets it done.”

Moments like that are something she still can’t believe, at times.

“To hear that iconic voice that you grew up on singing with you. I’ve been friends with him since 1992, but I am still a fan. I will always be.”

Yearwood released her latest album, Prizefighter: Hit After Hit, last fall, and also has ventured into the cooking world over the past few years with a successful series of cookbooks – and television series, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen. That experience has led the two-time CMA Female Vocalist of the Year to unveil her very own line of cookware, Precious Metals. “Every morning when I’m live Tweeting about when the show is airing, people will ask ‘I love that pan you’re cooking in. Where’d you get it? People want to know everything,” she said, admitting that she took her time developing the new line of products.

“We worked on it for about two years to find what I wanted. I’m very particular. I wanted it to be non-stick, but also healthy for the environment. I want it to be pretty, and have it go into the dishwasher, the oven, all of those things. Precious Metals is currently available at select Walmart and JCPenney stores as well as Walmart.com, JCPenney.com, Amazon.com, and FoodNetwork.com.”

The singer says she’s enjoying what has become her second career.

“So far, those opportunities are coming, and I just try to walk through the doors that make sense, and the ones that feel genuine to me. I love them, and I’m giving them to everyone I know. So far, everyone has loved them too, and that’s a good thing.”

Trisha Yearwood: The Song Remembers When begins its’ run on July 3 at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and be on display through December.

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Delve into the creative and personal journey of one of country music’s most influential female artists, Trisha Yearwood, with the exhibition Trisha Yearwood: The Song Remembers When at the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum. The exhibit chronicles Yearwood’s life, career, and critically acclaimed musical achievements.

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The story begins in her tiny hometown, Monticello, Georgia, and is followed by a move to Nashville, where Yearwood becomes a music business major at Belmont University. In the Music City, the future three-time Grammy award-winning artist began her career in music, spending time first as a tour guide at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and as a receptionist at a record company. Now, millions of albums and countless accolades later, Yearwood is among the best-selling female artists in country music history. With a powerful voice and inspiring music, she became the first female country singer to have a debut album sell one million copies in its first year, driven by her first #1 single ‘She’s in Love with the Boy.’

The Grand Ole Opry member has since established herself as a lifestyle maven with three New York Times best-selling cookbooks, including her most recent, Trisha’s Table, and as host of the Emmy-Award winning Food Network show, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, which is currently in its sixth season. This spring, Yearwood also released a new line of cookware, Trisha’s Precious Metals, and unveiled her own line of furniture, The Trisha Yearwood Home Collection, in partnership with Klaussner Home furnishings.

In the museum’s exhibit Trisha Yearwood: The Song Remembers When, visitors can peruse a vast array of artifacts and memorabilia as they review Yearwood’s story, from her small-town roots to her life as an award-winning country music star and bestselling author.

A few highlights of the exhibit include:

  • 1997 Grammy for Best Female Country Vocal Performance: “How Do I Live”
  • 1997 CMA award for Female Vocalist of the Year
  • 1991 ACM award for New Female Vocalist of the Year
  • Dress she wore to the 1992 ACM Awards show
  • Gown she wore to the 1997 Grammys, where she won Best Female Country Vocal  Performance
  • Jacket worn in the music video for “Walkaway Joe,” which starred a young Matthew McConaughey
  • Outfit worn in Yearwood’s first music video, “She’s in Love with the Boy”
  • High school yearbook from 1982, for which Yearwood served as editor
  • The copy of her first album that she bought the day it came out—a tradition she has continued with all of her albums
  • Handwritten receipt for her first demo recording in 1983, paid for by her father
  • Wedding gown worn by Yearwood when she married Garth Brooks in 2005
  • Manuscript for Trisha’s Table, Yearwood’s third cookbook, which was released in early 2015
  • Letter from Johnny Cash to Yearwood, in which he says that she has “what it takes to make it big—and stay there.”

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Author: Chuck Dauphin

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