Canada, Canine, Crush’n, Captivating – my week in 4 words #TrueNorthey

Canada, Canine, Crush’n  and Captivating….my week in 4 words from Country Music’s #CMchat Creator Jessica Northey

I started this week in Canada, visiting with Reigning Canadian Country Music Association Male Vocalist of the Year Gord Bamford. What a treat that was.  Gord couldn’t be a nicer guy and I know when they start promoting him to American Radio you guys are gonna like him. He is of the same caliber as of some of the more smoother sounding “classic-ish” country music icons like Garth Brooks, Randy Travis, Clint Black…what a great story teller with his songs.  I think my favorite part was getting to hang out with him and his team and watching him with an acoustic guitar just throwing out some of the music he was working on. We even messed around with a song idea I had….he nailed it.  I hope that US Radio gets this right when he comes over, but in the mean time you’ve got to check Gord out.

If you’ve been following me for anytime now you know that my Sweet Sissy Girl had some health issues over the past year. While I was in Canada she had to go to the ER, it was on my last day so I was already heading back to the states but it was very scary. She is almost 11 and had several tumors removed last year and then ended up dehydrated in a very scary way. We had her on iv fluid for nearly a week every day to save her life.  I don’t have any “human” children and Sissy is my furchild so this was very unnerving and to add insult to injury I was supposed to go to Charleston, South Carolina to hang with Darius Rucker for his Album Launch party. That hurt to have to not go, but Sissy was in dire circumstances and needed 24/7 looking after.  I am working on a review of Darius’ Southern Style. Listening to it right now. WOW you guys are gonna love it!

fyi pupDATE 3/28 Sissy is still taking meds but I don’t have to give water through a dropper every half hour, so I am actually sleeping. Also she is up and getting her own water, food, going to the “bathroom” on her own. She had a couple things going on from head to toe, bless her little heart, but we got it under control. THANK YOU GOD!

sissy northey

Now let’s talk Little Big Town’s Girl Crush. COME ON PEOPLE. Listen to the words, and even if it was a Lesbian anthem song, who cares…why are we even having this conversation in 2015. It’s not about a girl loving a girl it’s about the guy she wishes she had cause he’s with this girl, or at least that’s my interpretation.  I can’t think of anything else to say about this cause it shouldn’t be a big deal in this day and age and it kinda pisses me off that it is.  Check out 7 Quick Clicks artists defending this song. 

And finally….the captivating. I’ll start with Blake Shelton’s new video for current single Sangria from the Bringing Back the Sunshine Album.  Loving it and love this song.  What do you think? It’s sexy and then some.  Way to go Blake. Check out Jen Swirsky’s review for it here.  Also HOW BOUT DEM CATS!  March Madness is among us! I don’t want to jinx this but my alma mater University of Arizona is playing some damn good B-Ball this week. We face off against Wisconsin today and I hope we do a little badgering on them Badgers, sorry Scotty Bredin.  Check out our #Sweet16 lineup of Country Music’s Stars and their home teams. 

Add this to captivating because I am really excited! Lay’s has a contest called ‪#‎DoUsAFlavor‬, where you submit a Potato Chip flavor for a chance to win 1 Million Dollars.  I submitted MARGARITA FAJITA. They made a video about it and they even give Tucson some love! You can watch the video here and if you can leave comments that would be awesome. I gotta get these made. Telling you they will be awesome.

Well that’s what’s happening with me. What’s happening with you?

Author: Jessica Northey

Everyone asks “what exactly do you do Jessica?” What some of my family members say, “she tweets for a living” is my favorite, but really the title that puts food on the table is “Social Media Influencer,” the definition sounds simple, someone who influences others through social media, but I consider myself a Citizen Journalist broadcasting and entertaining with news, thoughts, opinions, delivering information in my own unique way. Famous for my ‘sass wit and straight from the hip’ style I’ve always been called a “Social Media Pioneer” in the music industry. I’m also an On-Air/Online Broadcasting Host and Personality, Digital Media Strategist, Country and Music Blogger/Journalist as well as a Nationally recognized Speaker and Founder of Country Music Chat, News and Views Entertainment Website My favorite accomplishment is starting the largest Country Music Hashtag community in the world Country Music’s #CMChat. It all started with a hunch...back in the early 2000’s I would dial up the internet via AOL and join chat rooms whilst watching my favorite programs on TV. Loved watching Reality Shows with my Mom in Tucson, and blowing her mind with how I always knew who was going home on the Bachelor or Big Brother. Don’t think she ever caught on that I was talking to people via computer on the East Coast, where it had already aired. (We didn’t have the uber-spoiler Twitter or Facebook to ruin results and awards shows for us yet.) I’ve been taking over the internet, one tweet at a time and have accumulated over 3 Million followers/friends/fans across all my Social Media networks. Over the years I’ve been consistently ranked as an influential online personality and even named as a Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer. I was the first person Merle Haggard followed when he got on Twitter and spent the day with Garth Brooks at Twitter and Facebook when joined the social media world.

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