5 Things Tucker Beathard’s Rock On Video Reveals About Breakups

Big Machine Label Group artist, Tucker Beathard recently released his music video exclusively to People for his debut single, “Rock On.” The catchy song delves into the feelings and emotions associated with breakups and the after effects. Paired well with the lyrics of the song, the video leaves us with several ways to interpret the underlying message, relating to a plethora of different situations.

1. Things Aren’t Always As They Appear

Most times, perception isn’t reality, especially in the form of social media after a break-up. In the video, the lead girl portrays herself as a radiant, smiling sunbeam “posting pics like some big Hollywood star” as Beathard describes, but in reality, she is shown as sad and lonely navigating through life.

2. People Change

It’s inevitable that as life progresses, people change. After a break-up, it’s comforting to revel in how much someone has changed because that can be used as a form of repellent. In the video, Beathard is excelling in his music career, which shows his change, and in the song, the lyrics imply that he has no interest to reignite the flame if she’s changed too much. “If my homegrown country girl is long gone, then baby Rock On.”

3. Jealousy Happens

It’s tough to see your ex with someone new, and it hurts the first time you see evidence of them moving on. In the video, Beathard scrolls past a picture of his ex’s new man. The lyrics line up, “I saw you’re #diggin on some new dude” and everyone who has ever dealt with a break-up knows the stomach dropping feeling being expressed. It’s tough to see, but really, “Rock On.”

4. It Hurts

Everyone hurts after a break-up, and sometimes you might momentarily consider taking your ex back. The video shows the leading lady in some reflective, sad moments while the lyrics describe the guy as the one hurting and wanting her back — “I gotta tell you I can’t stand the thought of someone else holding that hand. I should have put a Rock On.”

5. It’s Good To Wish Them The Best

Before they were your ex, they meant a lot to you. It’s OK to still care and wish the best for them, as they likely do for you. As the video concludes, the leading lady is shown sitting in her car listening to the radio, with her ex’s song about to play. With a reminiscent smile, she proceeds to “Rock On” essentially wishing him the best.

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Tucker Beathard Rock On

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