#Tunesday – New Music – April 28th

Radio has been busy these last few weeks getting ready for the next summer hit. This week, a new set of songs make its way to radio. We have everything from a rock star to the son of Rhett Akins to Chris Stapleton. If you don’t know that name yet, you might want to learn it now! Here are the latest singles that will be heard this week on country radio:

Kid Rock – First Kiss

Kid Rock has made his way onto country charts in the past with hits like “Picture” (with Sheryl Crow) and “All Summer Long.” He released his latest album, First Kiss, in February and releases the namesake of the album to country radio this week. The song has been getting mixed reviews from critics, but fans seen to be enjoying the track. Let us know what you think of the track by listening and using #CMchat on twitter.

Thomas Rhett – Crash and Burn

The son of Rhett Akins (“That Ain’t My Truck”) has been making quite the name for himself with hits like “Something To Do With My Hands,” “Get Me Some of That,” and “Make Me Wanna.” Thomas Rhett is releasing the first track from his upcoming album that is expected later this year. The song is already making its way onto the charts. If you are ready to have it stuck in your head all day, give it a listen!  Let us know what you think using #CMchat and @CMchatLIVE on Twitter.

Chris Stapleton – Traveller

Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, and Adele all share one thing in common – Chris Stapleton has written for all of these artists in addition to artists like George Strait, Brad Paisley, and Dierks Bentley. He debuted his first single, “What Are You Listening To?,” in 2013 and is releasing his second track from his album, Travellerthis week. The album is set for release in May, but has already been critically acclaimed. “Traveller” will be making its way through your speakers very soon. Until then, give the song a listen and let us know what you think!

More songs you will hear on radio this week:
Erica Nicole – “I’m Making Mine”
April Kry – “Fireflies”
Katye Hamlin – “Love Is Like Rain”
Tyler Barham – “Just Two Kids”
Charee White – “Keepin’ It Country”
Moonshine Bandits – “Lady Luck”


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