TWANGOUT with Curtis Grimes and Ryan Beaver 1/23 2pPT/5pET #CMchat

by Jessica Northey 

It’s double cute, double Texas and double Country when both singer/songwriters Curtis Grimes from Gilmer, TX and Ryan Beaver from Austin, TX join us for a COUNTRY MUSIC CHAT VIDEO TWANGOUT.
We’ll let it ALL TWANGOUT  during this LIVE VIDEO Interactive Broadcast Chat!! 
If you want to participate in asking questions LIVE On-Air see requirements for below.

If you ask Ryan Beaver why he titled his new record Constant, he will smile and reply with a response that leaves no question about what matters most to this 27-year-old Austin, Texas based singer/songwriter. “Our lives are always changing and evolving,” says Beaver, “but some things remain constant. My faith, family, friends, and passion for music never change and they make me who I am.” Constant, Beaver’s sophomore record, displays ten tracks, all of which have been written since the release of his debut album, Under The Neons. In that time Beaver has toured the Southwest, released three radio singles, collaborated with many known songwriters, and has been able to connect with thousands of fans. He has started a journey to take his music as far as he can, a journey in which he sees no limits. Playing his songs for anyone willing to listen and catching the attention of those who truly appreciate the craft of songwriting are a significant part of that journey. When asked his expectations for Constant, he laughs and says,“I just hope I can make enough money to pay for this project and maybe have enough for the next one.” Music is a sacred and powerful thing in Beaver’s eyes. This is reflected by the melodies and lyrics he has constructed, giving one a glimpse into his inner most thoughts and feelings. With a passion that is constant and a guitar in hand, Ryan Beaver’s journey looks to be a promising one.

Curtis Grimes is a 27 year old singer/songwriter from Gilmer, TX who is pursuing his dream in the Texas Country music scene. Following a break up with his then fiancé in 2005, he started playing guitar and developed an interest in songwriting. He went to a pawn shop and purchased a used guitar and sat down in front of his computer and taught himself how to play.

Curtis “headed down 35” with intentions to finish his degree at Texas State in San Marcos, Texas.  While there he fell under the influence of the Texas Country Music scene and was able to follow the Texas Country artists he looked up to at the time.  After playing for friends and relatives at gatherings and parties he was hooked by the entertainment bug. In the summer of 2007 he made a decision to roll the dice and see what would come. He started with just himself in a couple of small venues for Fraternity events and local bars, then added a band and started playing established venues across the state.

Things definitely picked up for Curtis after winning a local contest to open up for Kenny Chesney. He was recently a contestant on the hit NBC tv show “The Voice” in season one. This gave him an opportunity to broaden his fan base throughout the US, and was even aired around the world.

Curtis is now a part of a new wave of Texas Country where his influences are the headliners of today. He has been lucky enough to share the stage with acts such as the Eli Young Band, Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney, Jamey Johnson, Doug Stone and many more over the past few years. As he expands his sphere with performances throughout Texas and the continental United States, Grimes and his band definitely have things looking up.

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