Twitter War: Kacey Musgraves vs Bobby Bones

I absolutely love Twitter. It keeps me informed and entertained. Every once in awhile a user can’t help but stumble upon a nice little Twitter War going on between other users. And what can I say, you know we all love a good Twitter War. Today (January 14) it looks like a feud somewhat broke out between morning radio host Bobby Bones (The Bobby Bones Show) and country music’s Kacey Musgraves.

Bobby has been trying to get a response from Kacey since Jan. 7. Apparentely, Kacey is upset about Bobby editting a past interview with her. We’ll let Twitter take it from here:

Bobby kicked things off yesterday with…

And gets no response. So he asks his followers…

  Alas! Kacey responds!

 The follow up…

Bobby tries to work things out after calling her rude…

 But Bobby realized that Kacey’s response doesn’t sit well with him…


And then Kacey hit him with this…

Ouch! Hang in there, Bobby. Maybe she’ll come around. But nothing best sums up this Twitter War more than this tweet from Twitter handler @Derek_Manross.


As time passed, Kacey wrote:

In which Bobby replied:

And they lived in harmony and there was much rejoicing (Yay)!

You can watch the full interview between Bobby Bones and Kacey from the CMA Awards radio remotes vs the podcast abouve.  What do you think? Does she seem short? Rude? Overwhelmed? Tired?

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  1. I really don’t like Kacey Musgraves. Her album is good at first but it gets very boring after so many plays. She’s a brat too. She now thinks she’s too good after the recognition and nominations she gets because of her album. I really didn’t like the look on her face when Miranda Lambert congratulated her. Please be humble and grateful.

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