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This week we, Two Story Road, opened up the floor to you, the fans, to ask any questions you’ve ever wanted to know about us.  We received an overwhelming response on both Twitter & Facebook.  We did our best to answer as many of them as possible.  Hope y’all enjoy this week’s post!  

1. Samantha – With the holidays just around the corner, what do you guys look forward to the most?

Getting together with family is always a plus.  It seems like with each passing year, everyone gets busier & busier.  It’s nice to have some time off from the madness of life & just enjoy each other’s company for a while.  We also love the wonderful food that the holidays bring out of everyone’s kitchen.  Of course that means in January we have to take a couple of weeks to work off the “holiday weight” but it’s always SOOO worth it. 🙂

2. Hannah – If y’all weren’t working in the music industry, what professions could you see yourselves doing?

Brandon – If I decided not to pursue music growing up, I probably would have tried to play tennis on a professional level.  I still enjoy playing tennis today but it’s nowhere near as much fun as singing & performing. I think I chose correctly!

Jamelle – That’s a tough question for me because I honestly never even thought of doing anything else.  When I was little I always thought it would be fun to be an art teacher.  I always liked making things and drawing.  Who knows, but that might have possibly turned in to a career in interior decorating or something.  I wish I could show you guys pictures of some of the rooms we have renovated in our house!  Maybe one day in another post.  😉

3. Mike – If you were given the opportunity to re-live one event in your musical career, what would it be and why?

Brandon – During my touring years with Gretchen Wilson, we did a handful of stadium shows with Kenny Chesney one summer. I vividly remember standing backstage at the Seahawks Stadium in Seattle looking out to 60,000+ people.  I had never seen that many people from the stage point of view before.  I don’t remember much about the performance but I remember being unbelievably excited to get to play in front of that many people.

Jamelle – About 3 weeks after I started singing with Carrie Underwood, we got to perform on Saturday Night Live.  It was surreal and chaotic and the night just flew by!  I was still so new in the band, and I couldn’t believe where I was and that I was surrounded by all these famous comedians racing around back stage.  I spent most of my time before the performance texting everyone I could think of, saying “Turn on SNL, Turn on SNL!!”  I would love to be able to re-live that night and relax and enjoy it a little bit more.

4. Larry, and also Jeanine – Who would you want to do a tour with? 

Well, with us being friends with practically everyone in her band & crew, we’d have a lot of fun touring with Carrie.  We also think that anyone who is a fan of Carrie’s music would most likely be a fan of ours.

5. Ellen – When are we gonna have TSR music that we can purchase?

After hearing this question asked over & over, we are thrilled to finally be able to tell you that in 2015, Two Story Road official recordings will be available for purchase.  iTunes, Amazon, you name it.  We know it’s a long time coming, but we’re fairly certain that our fans will think it was worth the wait.

6. Meagan – What is your favorite musical memory?

Having moved to Nashville to be artists, our first performance as Two Story Road will be always be so special to us.  As blessed as we were to have been given the opportunity to tour with such amazing people, taking the stage as Two Story road in front of 200 people was more of a rush than hearing someone else’s named called & walking out in front of 20,000.  When they welcomed us to the stage & called our names, it may have been the biggest, goofiest smile we had ever smiled because it was such an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

7. Chelsie – What is your favorite song to sing while on tour and why?

We both really enjoy singing “By The Light Of The Moon.”  For one, it’s just a fun lyric to sing.  Also, no matter what type of venue or audience we’re playing, that song just always seems to go over really well.  The “fun” factor for us always goes up exponentially when the crowd is really getting into what we’re doing on stage.

8. @TSRoadies – If you could go back in time and tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

Brandon – Right off the bat I would tell him that life is a journey and not to put so much importance on every little thing.  It’s interesting to look back at how the plenty of opportunities that didn’t pan out the way I had hoped have such an impact on me.  I would also love 30 seconds with Brandon around age 13, right about the time when I started playing piano.  There was a time, about 6 months into taking lessons, that I thought about quitting.  It’d be cool to be able to whisper in that kids ear and tell him “you’re going to be so glad you didn’t quit.” 🙂

Jamelle –  GREAT QUESTION!!  My one piece of advice would be that the only thing constant in life is change.  Growing up, we all think that our current situation is just how life is gonna be forever.  And that makes sense, because we don’t have a lifetime of experiences to compare it to.  Life goes through so many phases, and so many people come and go.  If you are the most popular kid in school, enjoy it, ‘cause when you’re 29, no one gives a rip that you were once a popular kid.  And if times are tough…this too shall pass.

9. Alyssa – If you could choose one song in the history of country music to have written/recorded what song would you choose?

Brandon – I’ve been asked this a few times & until another song comes along and completely knocks me off my feet, “The House That Built Me” will always be my answer.  I mean, that lyric. C’mon.

Jamelle – I’ve always felt like “I Hope You Dance” is pretty tough to beat.  The music and melody is so beautiful and I’m just not sure if you could find a more encouraging lyric.  I absolutely love the message of that song.

10. Cassandra – Who are your celebrity crushes? (This question was taken from a recent interview we did with Cassandra. We thought it was fun so we wanted to share it with y’all on here.)

Ok. I (Brandon) personally think this type of question has a double standard.  I think it’s fine for a girl to think some guy is cute.  However, I don’t think that guys (especially those who are married) have the same ability to be honest.  However, you asked the question, so we’ll answer.

Brandon – I think the blonde from Two Story Road is smokin’ hot. (c’mon, did you really expect another answer?)

Jamelle – Aww.  Well, I had a whole ‘nother answer starting to formulate in my head, but I guess now I’m supposed to say B.Fraley! Just kidding…obviously he is my one and only.  But I don’t think he’d mind too much if I confess that I kinda adore Wolverine from X-Men.  Yep, Hugh Jackman.  But mainly only when he plays Wolverine.  There’s just something about that mutant…

Brandon – Ok. I’m changing my answer now… HA!

11. Annie  – What is your favorite onstage moment?  Either as Two Story Road or on tours you each have been a part of in the past.

Brandon – Since we gave a TSR moment earlier, I’ll do one from a previous tour.  Playing on American Idol with Danny Gokey goes in the books as one of the coolest onstage moments for me.  I had done several TV & award shows before but there was something about the power that I knew that camera had that was filming us…. I remember during the performance and the camera slowly panned around in front of me, * thought to myself  “There are 20 million people on the other side of that thing.”  Too cool!

Jamelle – Playing the Grammy’s was always super cool.  Just had to mention that because how could I NOT mention it!  Haha.  But I think for me personally, one of my most memorable moments was when my birthday fell on a show day in 2010, and Carrie pulled me to the front of the stage and gave me a cake and the whole arena sang to me.  That was pretty special.  Such a sweet thing for her to do!

12. Leah – If you two had never met, where would you see your lives now? How different of people would you be?

Brandon – This is totally going to sound like a “what a nice husband” answer, but I can’t begin to tell you how much of a different person I know I would be had I not met Jamelle.  She taught me how to relax & to be patient.  Like, for real. I was one of the most impatient people you would’ve ever met. I also have to give Jamelle credit for turning me into a healthy person.  Not too long after we got married, she helped me lose close to 70 pounds.  Getting healthy was one of the main reasons why I was able to get my self-confidence back.  Basically, I don’t like to think about what life would have been like had she not stepped into mine.

Jamelle – Oh my goodness, Brandon…Why do you always get to answer first!?!?  So if I taught him how to relax and be patient, then he helped me learn to hurry up and get things done!  He is so driven and has an amazing work ethic.  I come from a family that is very laaaid back.  If I had never met Brandon Fraley, it’s hard to say how long I would have stayed in Nashville after college.  It’s crazy to think about…but I can easily see myself living back in Virginia close to my family, and working in any old music job that I could find.  There probably would have been no background vocal singing and no touring.  Life would not be nearly this exciting!  Glad I met you, B!!!

13. Elizabeth – What places would you recommend visiting in Nashville?

Besides the obvious tourists spots like The Grand Ole Opry, Country Music Hall of Fame, The Bluebird Cafe, Opryland Hotel, & Pancake Pantry, here’s a few of our “must visit” spots.  (They all are about food…don’t judge!)  The Pfunky Griddle is an amazing spin on breakfast. Each table has a griddle in the middle of it & you cook your own food. Everything from pouring the pancake batter, cracking the eggs, & cooking french toast.  It’s a BLAST.  There’s an amazing little deli on 8th Avenue called A Matter Of Taste.  It’s one of the those places that you’d drive by a million times & never know it was there.  They’ve got unbelievable salads, sandwiches, & soups to choose from.  They also have an amazing brunch on Sunday’s.  If you’re a fan of mexican food, Sopapilla’s in Brentwood is a MUST!  I can’t explain to you how amazing their salsa is.  Last but not least, IveyCake is definitely something special.  With two locations, the best cupcake you’ve ever had is never too far away. 🙂

14. Natalie – If your Two Story “Story” was a novel, what would the title be?

I think “Full Circle” wouldn’t be a bad way to title the whole thing.  There could even be a picture of the circle of wood from the Ryman Auditorium that you stand on when you sing at the Opry.  Yeah, that’d be a cool book cover.  To us, our journey is slowly but surely becoming a big circle.  It’s fun to think about eventually revisiting venues & award shows that we played at as band members, now as artists.

Opry circle

15. Heather – Per your previous #TwoStoryTuesday posts, you’ve got a producer, booking agent, manager, & are actively writing songs.  What comes next and where are you in that process?

This whole journey from where we started a year and a half ago has definitely been a process.  It certainly has taken longer than what we had originally expected, but when you have several “cooks in the kitchen,” it takes a little longer to prepare the food.  The good thing through all of this is we are taking the next steps with some extremely sound advice.  We are currently in the process of narrowing down what everyone on our team feels like are absolute strongest songs for our first project.  Once we have that product in hand, all the other moving pieces (radio, tour, promotion, etc.) start getting engaged. We can’t thank our fans enough for being so patient through all of this.  Just know that we are doing everything we possibly can to get our music ready to release to the masses.  At the same time, as big of a deal as that is, we need to make sure that we do everything as close to perfection as possible.  As you know, we only get one shot at a debut record. 🙂

From Brandon & Jamelle – Many of you have asked us when will TSR be coming to your respective cities.  Believe it when we say, we hear you and WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE! 🙂   In all seriousness, our team made the decision earlier this year that we shouldn’t try to plan any kind of a tour until we had a CD that we could sell & promote.  Having said that, once we release our project next year, you can guarantee that we’ll be hitting as many cities as we possibly can.

Thanks for all your questions!  We hope we answered them to your liking.  Be sure and follow us on Twitter &/or Facebook to get all of the latest & greatest TSR updates.  We’ll also be sharing all major announcements with our great friends here at Country Music #CMChat so you may want to give them a “like” or follow as well.


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