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Last night, in front of friends, fans, unfamiliar patrons, and line dancers, Nashville duo (in life and music) Jamelle and Brandon Fraley, collectively known as Two Story Road, performed a one-hour set accompanied by a full band. Jamelle (“Jamie”), previously a background vocalist for Carrie Underwood, and Brandon, formerly on tour with Gretchen Wilson and Danny Gokey, performed original songs and a staple setlist cover, engaging the crowd and entertaining them the same. After seeing this dazzling duo perform several times in many different settings, witnessing them with a full band in front of a packed house made one thing startlingly clear — neither of these two belong behind someone; they belong next to each other, at the front of the stage.

Two Story Road

Two Story Road’s setlist was perfection, including the songs fans most want to hear, as well as newer tunes that are the product of many recent writing sessions with Nashville’s finest. From songs like “Boone’s Farm,” a song about new love that makes you feel wild and free, and “Pull That Trigger,” a track about wanting someone to stop playing games and commit to a relationship, the twosome danced from one end of the love song spectrum to the other successfully, making each word sung believable and, more importantly, relatable. They also flawlessly performed fan favorites “Better When You’re Home” and “It Might Be You” (often referred to by their “Roadies,” a nickname for their incredibly supportive fan base, as “the underwear song”), further allowing those in the audience who came specifically to see Two Story Road a chance to sing along and show their love for this most deserving duo.

Highlights of the show included power ballad “Till the Hurtin’s Gone,” a song that possesses a compelling chorus that is reminiscent of Danny Gokey’s “I Will Not Say Goodbye,” and undeniably shows off both vocalists’ innate abilities to hit the bigger notes, caress the smaller notes, and emote from start to finish. “Till the Hurtin’s Gone” will draw you in, keep you immersed, and leave you mesmerized. Two Story Road also performed a cover which they regularly include in their shows, Garth Brooks’ “Wrapped Up in You.” As always, Jamie and Brandon sang this song endearingly to one another, demonstrating their understanding of the words and meaning of the song.

Two Story Road

A Two Story Road review would be lacking if Brandon’s one-liners were not mentioned as “highlights” as well. Anybody who has attended a Two Story Road show knows that Brandon isn’t only amazingly talented in music, but he has a natural gift for gab. During this particular show, he ensured the audience that his “hips don’t lie” and that he’s “never had to hold [his] wife’s hair back from tequila” (as mentioned in “It Might Be You”), followed by “it wasn’t tequila.” Brandon also prompted fans to respond to his inquiry of whether there were any skinny dippers in the house tonight while the two sang “Lit By the Light of the Moon.” It was also quite an honor that Jamie and Brandon made a point to shout out to their friends here at #CMchat, and showed us, once again, why our team has fallen in love with the story these two are writing.

So, what can you expect in the next chapter of Two Story Road’s journey? HUGE things. This duo never rests and is endlessly plugging away to make their headlining dreams a reality. With songs in their back pockets that have been written by the likes of Carrie Underwood and Trevor McNevan, as well as help from friends and colleagues Tommy Sims and Mark Bright, there is no doubt that Two Story Road is full speed ahead. Jump on board now … I have a suspicion you will be in for the most exciting and fulfilling ride of your life with these exceptional artists and people.

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