[email protected]’s #TwoStoryTuesday – “First Demos”

Since we stated in our very first #TwoStoryTuesday post that we were going to try and be as honest & transparent as possible in these things, we thought we would give you a little peak into what was happening in here in our home studio leading up to the launch of Two Story Road.

Several months before we exited our touring jobs with Danny Gokey & Carrie Underwood, we were recording demos here at home whenever we got a chance.  Our plan was to record songs that were good enough that would hopefully attract a solid manager, producer, agent, etc.  Looking at the team we’ve assembled now, we feel like those songs did the job. 🙂

Even though there is no way to know whether or not these songs will find a home on any future albums of ours, they will always have a special place in our hearts because they were the first ones.  As you’ll probably be able to hear, we didn’t know exactly what the TSR “sound” was going to be yet, but we knew we had to start somewhere.  We put a lot of time into making these early demo’s sound as good as we possibly could and thought it would be a shame if they never saw the light of day.  So, for a limited time only, we’re going to upload just a few (of many) of the demo’s we recorded in the infant stages of TSR.

“Back To Your Arms”

This was a song we wrote with our good friend Javier Solis.  All three of us were in the middle of touring life and thought we’d write a song about how sometimes when you’re touring from town to town, day in & day out, it can get very repetitive and really makes you miss being at home.

“Great Big Love”

One of our dearest friends, Ruby Amanfu, pitched us this song about 5 minutes after we told her we had decided to start Two Story Road.  As it is with most of the songs she’s written, we fell in love with it instantly.  This song was actually in our set list at our very first TSR show at Music City Roots.

“When I’m Gone”

This song was co-written with the insanely talented writer, Chris Faulk.  I always liked this one because I thought Brandon’s voice sounded so good on it! 🙂 -J

“You Don’t Have To Say A Word”

Another masterpiece written by Rebecca Lynn Howard.  A good friend of ours actually discovered this song back when we were in college and she did a demo of it herself.  We had her demo recording for years and always loved the song.  Once we started looking for ballads for TSR, we thought we’d try it out.  Just a few months ago, we ended up writing a song with Rebecca and at the end of the session, we let her hear our demo of her song.  Not only was it so cool to finally be able to play it for her, but she loved our arrangement of it as well.

Again, don’t be surprised if one day you go to find these songs and they’re not there anymore. These will only be up for a short amount of time.  Hope y’all like ‘em! 🙂


10/20/14 – 7:20pm

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