Exclusive Feature: @TwoStoryRoad’s #TwoStoryTuesday

Hey everyone, welcome to the first post of #TwoStoryTuesday. We’re Two Story Road, a new country duo (comprised of husband and wife, Brandon & Jamelle Fraley) living in Nashville, trying to achieve what sometimes feels is the impossible: a successful career in the music business. 🙂

A quick backstory on us. We both moved to Nashville & attended Belmont University (which is where we met). Both being vocal majors, we had the same dream as pretty much every other singer at that school. To get a record deal. Although we haven’t regretted one single decision we’ve made, from graduation to where we are now, we never thought the road would have twisted & turned the way that it did.

We’ve been blessed with publishing deals & the opportunity to tour with amazing people like Gretchen WilsonDanny Gokey, & Carrie Underwood to name a few. After years of that lifestyle, one day we woke up & a lightbulb went off. As great as those opportunities were, we would never reach the top of the ladder, because you know who sits at the top of the ladder? The artist. We weren’t the artist. We could never have the lead vocal microphone because that position had already been filled.

Climbing off of that ladder (where we were both sittin’ pretty) was by far the most difficult decision we’ve ever had to make. However, we knew that being the artist would finally put us in the center of the stage, a very LONG 10 feet away from where we usually stood & performed.

Has it been harder than we thought? Yes. Is it taking longer than we thought? Yes. However, playing our first show in front of 200 people & hearing our name called as we took the stage was a bigger rush than seeing crowds of 20,000 we had been used to performing in front of. With that being said, has it all been worth it up to this point? Absolutely.

Our dear friends here at #CMchat have decided to give us a platform to fill you guys in on our journey from where we are now, a duo with a dream, to what lies ahead for us. Some of these posts will be in the form of a blog, like this one. Some of them will be videos of us in the studio, on the way to writing sessions, as well as everyday life for the struggling artist. It won’t be photoshopped, edited, auto-tuned, or enhanced. Just nothing but good ol’ real life.

Again, we can’t thank Jessica & the rest of the crew enough for letting us do this. We’re excited to give y’all an in-depth, behind the scenes look at what happens on Music Row for an artist trying to break through. We’re making a promise to you, our amazing fans, to be as honest throughout this as possible. When we’re excited about something, we’ll fill you in. When we’re frustrated, you’ll hear about that too. Our career is our job, and like a job, there’s good days & bad days. We look forward to getting to know all of you & hopefully this will let y’all get to know us a little better too.

We’re gonna wrap it up because the chicken in the oven is about ready & we’ve got a serious game of Skip-Bo waiting to be played. After that, we’ll watch a movie and then finish the night with some re-runs of “Friends” or “How I Met Your Mother.” I mean…we can’t be expected to be creative all the time, right? Sometimes we need a break. Plus, this will all help distract us from what we’ve been thinking about all weekend; an email coming in tomorrow containing another business proposal giving us yet another option of what the next 15 months could look like for us. Life is good…and stressful…but mostly good.  🙂

Lots of love,

Brandon and Jamelle, 8/10/14 – 9:20pm

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