[email protected]’s #TwoStoryTuesday – First Demos: Part 2

If you missed our post a few weeks ago, we thought it’d be fun to share some songs with y’all that we recorded when we first started Two Story Road. As we said before, we were initially trying to build a decent repertoire of songs that would hopefully be good enough to get a solid team (manager, producer, booking agent) built around us. We knew early on that there was no telling if these songs would ever make an album of ours down the road or not. However, these are just a few of many songs that became some of the first building blocks in our TSR catalogue & we will ALWAYS cherish them.

“Come On In”
We wrote this with our good friend Victor Oquendo. Just a fun, feel good party song.

A song we wrote depicting the classic scenario of a girl having a crush on the latest teenage heartthrob, hence the title. 🙂

“On The Couch”
This one goes in the “silly song” category. Although it’s never happened in our house (yet), it seems like every story we’ve ever heard of a guy forgetting his wife’s birthday, anniversary, or stuff like that often ends with him being demoted to sleeping on the couch for a night. We thought there might be a song in that so we tried our best writing it.

One of our longtime friends from Belmont, Andy Gullahorn, wrote this one. His wife, Jill Phillips, recorded this on one of her albums several years ago & we’ve always been a huge fan of the song. We thought it’d be fun to record a demo of it.

Some of you may or may not know that I (Jamelle) used to tour with a gospel artist named Jaci Velasquez. Brandon actually worked on her recorded version of this song and I always loved it. Here’s our humble demo of an amazing song written by our dear friends Chris Faulk & Hunter Davis.

Just so y’all know, these songs will only be available to stream on Soundcloud for a limited time. Don’t be too upset with us if you go to look for these after the New Year & don’t find them anymore. Until then, we hope you enjoy them.

11/24/14 – 10:40pm

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