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Ty Herndon sings about blue eyes and Baton Rouge; Andy Griggs prefers green eyes; and Jamie O’Neal, well, Jamie can’t find Arizona. In 2015, these three country artists and friends will join forces and hit the road. With the utmost respect for one another, the three will not only travel together, but they will also perform as a trio at Charlie Daniels & Friends Christmas for Kids Concert this Monday at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

When speaking about one another, each of the three expressed their excitement to spend this time and experience with his or her colleagues.

Griggs explained the major differences between the three artists:

We all blend together about like Tupac, Bill Monroe and Joan Rivers but somehow it works on stage! Go figure! But when we’re not singing our hearts out together it’s the most awkward, misplaced, dysfunctional, hilarious carnival that has ever been displayed!

Griggs on O’Neal:

Take a phenomenal female vocalist. Now add a husband to go with that that has to carry her ten piece luggage all over God’s creation. Then, mix it with her having to put up with two guys that are more different than night and day and can’t even agree on having a vocal rehearsal which in return drives her so far up the wall that she’s on verge of quitting the whole tour at any given moment of any given day and that’s Jamie.

Griggs on Herndon:

God certainly displays his amazing sense of humor each time he places me and Ty on tour together! I’ve never known a guy that I had half of the things in life in common with, but then again can’t be any more different than John Wayne and Prince! There’s no way for us to completely understand each other’s taste buds of life and we don’t even pretend to try. That would be a total waste of each other’s time. It’s the strange ironies and upside down compasses in life though that makes us all rich. With Ty and myself, we share two of the rarest things in common. I suppose they out trump the mountains of shortcomings and differences that lay between us. Those two qualities we share are: being real and true to our natures, and being friends.

O’Neal on Herndon and Griggs:

I’m so excited to be a part of this. Ty and Andy are two of the best male vocalists from any genre. They’re so funny, good looking, and just a couple of goofy smart asses! I just couldn’t resist. Ty is the most well put together, smoothest control freak I’ve ever met. Andy is a cute, lovable redneck with the softest heart. I only know when we sang together for the first time something very special happened and here we are, taking the next obvious step.

Herndon on O’Neal and Griggs:

The first time the three of us did a show together I wondered how in the world this would ever work. At first we did separate shows, but as time went on we started doing our shows together. The crowd seemed to love the fact that they got all these hits in one two-hour show. Then we started singing harmonies with each other. I noticed pretty quickly that we had something special. Three powerhouse vocalists coming together and taking things to a new level. I first noticed it when something went wrong on stage and we had to save our asses by singing something acapella. “Amazing Grace’”never sounded so good. It was magic!

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