[email protected] Announces First Same Sex Country Music Love Song

Country music was forever changed when country singer Ty Herndon decided to come out as openly gay. Many applauded his bravery and many wondered what direction his music would take. The most common question was if he would stay loyal to traditional pronouns or try and break the mold and adapt the songs to his lifestyle at a time when bro country reigns and that means singing about girls in daisy dukes … Hence the word “girls.”

But, Ty was a guest at the Family Equality Council’s Los Angeles Awards Dinner on Saturday, and he went ahead and answered that burning question.

He explained:

I may be the first man in country music to sing a love song to another man. And I’m very proud to do that. I’m not changing the ‘he’s for ‘she’s. It’s straight on who I love. Love is universal. I’m keeping it unisex but there are a few songs that I’ve written that I wrote about my own life. That’s the one thing about country music — you got to sing what you know.

Now Ty has been in a serious and steady relationship for five years so it’s safe to say this won’t be the heartbreak kind of love song, but more of an upbeat one, which is going to tip the scale even more.

Ty goes back into the studio this month and means we won’t have to wait long to hear these new tracks, and now that he’s answered the question of the direction of his music … one question does still remain … Is country music ready for this?

Author: Country Cadre

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