[email protected] Releases Music Video for #AGuyWalksIntoABar (Watch!)

Country Music #CMchat’s Monday night (10/20) #Twitterview guest, Tyler Farr, recently released a new single from an album that is yet to be named. “A Guy Walks Into a Bar” (which was previously reviewed by #CMchat’s own Nicole Piering) is still working its way up the charts, already in the Top 40 in U.S. Country and U.S. Country Airplay. Today, Tyler released his music video in support of the single with a title that sounds like the start of a joke, but couldn’t be more real.

The music video is simple, yet as artistic as can be for a video set in a bar. Tyler portrays a bartender whose affection is aimed toward one of his patrons, yet he watches her fall for another customer and can only observe the flame ignite from a distance. In a musical delivery that immediately makes you feel for Tyler’s loss, adding the component of a visual significantly heightens the emotion and vulernability behind the meaning of the song. Performance scenes take place outdoors, in a tunnel lit solely by a pair of headlights, further emanating the darkness and pain that Tyler feels as the outsider looking in.

The “A Guy Walks Into a Bar” video is like the cherry being placed on an already perfect sundae, topping off a release that is so special and fulfilling that it will be a taste fans won’t soon forget. And, if there is something we have learned from Tyler Farr since he went “Redneck Crazy” last year, it’s that he consistently releases cuts that are recipes for success.

Watch Tyler Farr’s “A Guy Walks Into a Bar” video here:

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