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Tyler Farr recently rocked Nashville’s Rocketown for a taping of CMT’s “Listen Up” to promote his new album, Suffer in Peace. The eleven-track offering will be released this coming Tuesday, April 28th (the day after his Country Music’s #CMchat Twitterview with host Jessica Northey), and Tyler took the time to perform his hits, as well as some new tracks from the anticipated project, for a crowd of country music lovers.

Country Music’s #CMchat was in attendance at the live taping of Tyler’s show to take note of firsthand experiences relative to his performance, and we are ecstatic that we have this information to share with our readers. To put it in a short and sweet summary, if you have the chance to see Tyler perform live, take it. Though there have been recent negative reports about Tyler’s stage presence, we can wholeheartedly refute those sentiments.

Of course, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but it is only fair to realize that every artist is different and has distinct strengths. Where Tyler shines isn’t in his flashiness on a stage, but rather, it’s in his talent. Some artists are able to entertain just by opening their mouths and releasing beautiful music with their God-given instruments, and Tyler Farr needn’t incorporate a full production or bells and whistles to have a memorable performance; he need only sing.

Tyler’s voice radiates through you and leaves you in pure wonderment as you look on at the man who oozes passion from every pore. His subdued presence is part of the mystery of the man behind the music, as he vocally explodes during a live performance, while always remaining cool, calm, and collected. As a spectator who truly appreciates the lyrics of a song and the intricacies of a melody, Tyler Farr is a showman I want to see in any setting and whenever the opportunity arises.

CMT “Listen Up” has posted the videos for four of Tyler’s spectacular performances on its website and you can watch each below.

Watch Tyler Farr’s “Whiskey in My Water”

Watch Tyler Farr’s “A Guy Walks Into a Bar”

Watch Tyler Farr’s “Withdrawals”

Watch Tyler Farr’s “Redneck Crazy”

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