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Tyler Farr is no stranger to Country Music’s #CMchat. We have had him as a Twitterview guest, we have followed his career, and we have learned quite a bit about one of our favorite voices in the industry. Of course, we were taught that he knows about going “Redneck Crazy;” we found out that he likes whiskey in his water; and we realized that he enjoys the occasional “A Guy Walks Into a Bar” quip.

Now, the Number 1 singer-songwriter is about to release his sophomore album, Suffer in Peace  (SEE HOW YOU CAN WIN AN AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF THIS ALBUM BELOW) and he is on the quest to reveal more about himself to his fans than ever before. Using an eleven-track offering, Tyler is striving to allow listeners to connect with him on a new level, peeling back layers of himself through the use of his spectacular music. We had a chance to speak with Tyler in detail about his forthcoming release to give fans an inside glimpse at what they can expect from this man who can send country enthusiasts into “Withdrawals” between introductions of new music.

For those who were unaware of his interesting background, Tyler is a classically trained vocalist who spent his entire life honing his craft, even earning a scholarship to Missouri State University for singing. He combined his passion for vocal technique with his love for country music, not realizing at first that the two could so seamlessly go hand-in-hand.

Never thought that I’d be using it in the country world, but I found out that it helps me to where I can write songs and kind of go anywhere, as far as high ballads to reaching notes I may not have been able to do if I hadn’t done that and hadn’t learned to sing correctly. It helped my range and everything from that to being on the road and learning to sing correctly and breathing from the diaphragm, ’cause I do a lot of shows.

And it’s that songwriting ability and incredible range that has thrusted Tyler into the forefront of country music; specifically with his insane (pun intended) entry with hit single “Redneck Crazy” and his album of the same name. Though some may see catapulting to Number 1 almost immediately upon making a debut somewhat taxing considering the fact that the bar is set so high from inception, Tyler sees his instantaneous success as a blessing. He attributes his continuous opportunities to the large success of his first release and fears not the level he put himself on from the moment country fans first heard the name “Tyler Farr.”

Rising to the level and surpassing the standards he already set for himself, Tyler expressed the great amount of pride he has in his second album, Suffer in Peace, confidently stating that:

it’s a better album and it’ll give people a better understanding of who I am, as far as musically and personally. And I think it represents me as a whole very well compared to the first one. The first album, I loved it, but I think we beat it on this one and that’s what I’ll continue to try to do every album.

In constructing what Tyler anticipates to be his next best album, his approach is methodical, viewing the project as a puzzle, and carefully shaping and sculpting the tracks to create a whole picture once finished. That overall picture he was aiming to create with Suffer in Peace was simply HIM. Whether he wrote the song or recorded something that came from the outside, Tyler’s goal was to ensure that each and every track embraced who he is and touched him personally as something to which he could relate.

Not all my songs are all happy and uptempos, but they’re real life and real life is sometimes a lot less happy than happy. I just try to make it real. There is a summer girl, anthem party song called “Better in Boots” to a vocal event song I did with Jason Aldean called “Damn Good Friends” to your heartbreak ballads, which you know I’m a sucker for. So, a little bit of everything on there and I just wanted to make sure the fans could relate to it; and that’s the most important thing to me.

Among the eleven tracks of “everything” rests one that Tyler wholeheartedly refers to as his favorite; one that he is adamant becomes an eventual single. “Withdrawals,” the audio of which can be heard below, contains his favorite production of any song he has ever been a part of, citing the track as “unique.” The song is riddled with passion, showcasing Tyler in his upper register, crooning about heartbreak – a subject that he enjoys covering because of its widespread appeal to all classes of individuals.

Another track on Suffer in Peace that Tyler is looking forward to sharing with fans is the ode to friendship, “Damn Good Friends,” with his Burnin’ It Down Tour mate, Jason Aldean. Tyler admits that he isn’t the type of artist who goes seeking a collaboration; instead, he waits for the moment to feel “right” and “real” before he hits his rolodex. In this particular case, Tyler didn’t have to go very far, as he is, in fact, “damn good friends” with the platinum-selling Jason.

I think when me and Jason are singing, you can tell the friendship’s there. His voice as a ballad stands out very well. It’s one of my favorite songs on the album too. I just heard the song and there’s a lot of truth in it and it’s just real. Like I said, that was my biggest concern in making this album and in the future continuing to make albums — that it’s real — and me and Jason became friends and I played it for him. . . . He heard the song, I played it for him, saying “that’s probably cool to do together.” He started listening to it a lot after shows. He would sit in his vibe room after we were done playing. . . . He was nice enough to put his vocal on it and kind of put his approval on me as a new artist when he doesn’t necessarily have to do that. 

As if collaborating on his new record isn’t enough to bond two men in friendship, Tyler is also currently back on tour with Jason on the 2015 leg of the Burnin’ It Down Tour. For a moderately new artist, the experiences he is having with Jason are those which he believes will intensify his abilities as a performer, as he will be playing big stadium shows in the near future. Because Tyler is an artist who is constantly in competition with himself, he is absorbing every moment and using the exposure to improve his own craft; and a sentiment to his betterment has been the way fans have received him as an opening act.

With some hits, [the fans] will start paying attention more, and they have, and it definitely shows when they are showing up early to hear me and Cole [Swindell] sing. He’s just got his third Number 1 in a row and hopefully we’re about to have ours. I think “A Guy Walks Into a Bar” is Number 7 this week and we’re going to try to get it to Number 1, as well, and do the best we can, and ready to get out some new music.

So, what’s next for Tyler Farr? The April 28th release of Suffer in Peace (which can be pre-ordered by clicking the iTunes banner below, with an automatic download of bonus track “Sail”), and the hopeful and eventual releases of several tracks off the album as singles. The songs Tyler didn’t hesitate to state are on his personal single wish list are the aforementioned “Withdrawals,” “Damn Good Friends,” and “Better in Boots.”

With Tyler’s new album mere weeks away, he is incredibly eager to play the new music on the road and hear the reaction of his fans as to what is on the horizon.

Getting out and getting to play new songs; it’s more exciting for me to be able to play new material as it is for fans to get to hear new material. So I’m excited just to be able to play some new songs. I’m curious to see the reaction from fans.

And after previewing Tyler Farr’s Suffer in Peace ourselves at Country Music’s #CMchat, we have no doubt that Tyler’s fans will receive the music warmly and anticipate that he will, as he hopes, have the traction with the record to top his hit debut offering. We can’t wait for you all to hear what will surely be one of the best albums of 2015 and are eager to watch Tyler sail toward ongoing success.

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