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Tyler Farr came out the gate with Redneck Crazy, a Billboard Top 5 album that yielded two successful singles, the title track and “Whiskey in My Water.” Perhaps the biggest feat for a new artist isn’t a successful debut record, but, rather, an equally impressive sophomore attempt.

With his second album, Suffer in Peace, Tyler Farr accepts that challenge and proves his staying power in the industry. It is undeniable that Tyler has one of the best voices in country music, consisting of phenomenal range and control, but what he also has is the uncanny ability to choose a stellar collection of tracks to complete an enjoyable project from front to back.

Suffer in Peace is musical support of Tyler’s long list of talents, with eleven tracks that can be placed all along the spectrum from up-tempo to emotional ballad. Tyler opens the album with the witty “C.O.U.N.T.R.Y.,” ensuring that listeners are immediately engulfed in the record, then settles into the slower, more vulnerable songs that have built Tyler’s career thus far.

Cuts like “Damn Good Friends” (a duet with his tour mate, Jason Aldean) and “Better in Boots” are faster paced songs that show off Tyler’s fun side and will appeal to the likes of those outside of his predetermined fan base. With both songs having single potential, you may soon hear Tyler blasting through your car speakers with something different than to that which you have become accustomed.

Despite the greatness of the heavier hitting tunes on the disc, Tyler especially shines on those less flashy. The Top 10 “A Guy Walks Into a Bar” has already set the tone for the album, but alongside this hit comes tracks like “Withdrawals,” “Suffer in Peace,” “Raised to Pray,” and “I Don’t Even Want This Beer.” While sharing his vocal gift with the world, Tyler also incidentally showcases his acting skills, emoting with every word that crosses his lips and making listeners feel his joy and pain as if they are their own.

While my personal favorite track on the album is “Withdrawals,” a sentiment Tyler and I share, there is no denying that the others listed alongside it in the foregoing paragraph are equal standouts on Suffer in Peace. What each of these has in common is evidence of Tyler’s classical vocal training and visitations into his upper register like we haven’t heard before, as well as dips into the lowest of lows his voice will allow. Couple the performances of perfection with stellar instrumentation and unforgettable lyrics, and Tyler’s album is packed with songs that will find their ways on to your “most frequently played” list instantly.

The album closes with the gravelly and patriotic “Why We Live Here,” a song that is cleverly crafted with lines such as “home of the Brave baseball” and pays homage to the little things in life that Americans are blessed to have. Embracing his country lifestyle, Tyler wraps his arms around the United States of America with a musical tip of his hat to one nation under God.

Make sure to join #CMchat Host Jessica Northey for a  Twitterview with Tyler Farr on April 27th at 6pPT/9pET; the night before the release of Suffer in Peace. You can pre-order the album now and receive advance tracks by clicking on the iTunes button below.

Listen to Tyler Farr’s “Suffer in Peace”

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