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You know you have heard a song on the radio and you wondered why the HELL they are singing about that thing they are singing about. I know I have! You immediately want to hate the song because it’s “senseless,” it lacks relatability, and it makes no true impact on your life. I mean, you can’t really get behind a song that professes its love to a plastic object, a water craft, liquid courage, or some other inanimate object … Or can you?

The following made our list of #CMchat’s favorite country songs that pay homage to the inanimate object:

1. Red Solo Cup – Toby Keith

Love it or hate it, this has become a country music party anthem across the board. I have seen red solo cup wine glasses at concerts. I have heard people complain when their solo cups are blue, green, or yellow. This song may be about a whole lot of nothing, but it sure is something else! The cup itself might be easy to crack, but it also had no trouble cracking the country music charts.

2. Alcohol – Brad Paisley

Perhaps the King of Singing About Inanimate Objects, Brad Paisley takes it to a new level with “Alcohol,” which he sings from the first-party perspective. While you will have some of the best times you’ll never remember with a few shots of liquid bravery, this is a song you won’t soon forget.

3. Pontoon – Little Big Town

The award-winning foursome, Little Big Town, cut this little diddy about a water craft and the song floated its way to #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Chart. This is just one song about an “object” that Little Big Town watched mmmmm…motorboat its way to hit status.

4. Chicken Fried – Zac Brown Band

While Zac Brown Band may be singing about an upbringing in Georgia, this song is predominantly focused on food, beer, jeans, and the radio. In fact, the group insists that we all raise our glasses and toast these down home inanimate objects.

5. Jack Daniels – Eric Church

Eric Church is a self-professed Jack Daniels lover, but, based on this song, his trusty friend doesn’t always love him back. In fact, in this particular tune recognizing his bottled buddy, Jack Daniels just plumb kicked his ass last night.

6. Rain Is a Good Thing – Luke Bryan

We all hem, haw, piss, and moan when the forecast tells us rain is heading our way. All of us except for Luke Bryan, that is. Evidently where Luke comes from, rain is a good thing. So good that he dedicates a whole song to those little droplets of weekend-ruining water that tend to plague us at the most inopportune times.

7. I Love This Bar – Toby Keith

In this ode to a cowboy’s favorite place, Toby (who joins Brad Paisley as a connoisseur of songs about random objects) sings about the people he finds at the establishment he frequents and loves more than his girlfriend. Sounds like she’ll be drowning her sorrows at her own bar soon enough.


8. The Road and the Radio – Kenny Chesney

While this post is primarily focused on songs that will have absolutely no affect on you, other than to make you smirk, laugh, or utter an inaudible “WTF?!,” I couldn’t resist adding in this one gem of a Kenny Chesney song that should be on everyone’s go-to list for those quiet moments in the car when your mind is racing. While Kenny sings about two friends he knows well, the road and the radio, he croons about these inanimate objects in a way that makes you feel like you, too, want to befriend them.

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