#CMchat Exclusive Interview With William Michael Morgan

Rising country star William Michael Morgan has a country soul and a boy next-door attitude. His smile lights up the room and his presence is confident, yet graceful. His voice melts your heart especially when he sings his debut single “I Met A Girl.” Success is just the beginning for him and I will follow his career closely. He is the younger Blake Shelton with his cowboy hat and his southern drawl. His humor makes you want to laugh for days. I recently had the pleasure to interview this very engaging artist.

William Michael Morgan and Cassie

What are your goals this year?

WMM: Well, we got the EP out. The debut EP which is self titled. It’s available on iTunes, Google Play, and Walmart. A big goal of mine is to get the album out sometime this year. I want to also upgrade my live show some more. I think we’re going to be able to do that. We have about 90-100 full band shows. They’re keeping us really busy and I love it!

What’s a song that you would love to cover?

WMM: I would love to cover a song called “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. I’m a huge fan of all genres of music. I could listen to Frank Sinatra one second then turn on Snoop Dogg the next second. I’m everywhere in between also. Like I love George Jones. If it’s real music, then I love it.

Who do you want to duet with or tour with?

WMM: I would love to tour with George Strait or Blake Shelton. Whoever would be willing to take us on with them. Those would definitely be my first two picks.

How has your life changed since signing the record deal?

WMM: It got really busy really fast here in the past year or so. I’ve been signed about three or four years, but in the past year my life has turned upside-down. I gotta try to keep track of stuff more and manage my day better. They keep us running and working, which is great. That’s what I love to do.

What song are you most proud of and why?

WMM: Definitely a song called “Lonesomeville.” It’s on the EP! It is probably my best song from a songwriter’s stance. It’s the best song I’ve had a hand in writing.

What are three things you want your fans to know about you?

WMM: I want them to know I’m as real as they come, I’m country, and I want them to know that I love my Mama. That’s the truth- she’s an angel.

Who is an artist you’re inspired by?

WMM: Probably Elvis Presley. He was The King and plus, he’s a Mississippi boy. His music style and his energy on stage were incomparable. He could look at the audience and every girl out there would just melt. Everybody just loved Elvis Presley! If we could just have half of that or just a quarter of that I think we’d be doing alright.

What piece of advice would you give to someone who was in your shoes six years ago trying to purse this dream?

WMM: Don’t be scared, just do it. Keep your nose to the grindstone and don’t give in. if you love it then just do it. Don’t change, be you, and follow your heart. It’s a very hard dream to pursue, but it’s worth it.

Be sure to pick up his EP and pay extra attention to the song “Vinyl.” I promise your heart will melt. William Michael Morgan brings you back to old country and is making sure everyone knows it. George Jones would be proud!

William Michael Morgan EP

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