Why William Michael Morgan’s ‘Vinyl’ Is An Instant Classic

William Michael Morgan may be a newcomer, but he is not new to the cowboy lifestyle. His black hat, button down shirts, and boots are a dead giveaway, but it’s most apparent when he sings. When he sings you hear Garth Brooks and Merle Haggard. You hear what country music is supposed to sound like and William Michael Morgan is bringing country music back.

“People Like Me” Is As Country As It Gets

William Michael Morgan starts off the album with a good ole country song titled “People Like Me.” The tune reminds me of a good honkytonk song,. possessing a faster beat with that familiar twang. The melody stops for a moment in the middle with just his voice and drum beat then it returns to the melody. The lyrics remind you of a good Friday night out with your buddies drinking cold ones. He puts a fresh spin on traditional country.

Beer, Beer, Beer

He sings about beer, but not in a “bro country” sense. He titles the track “Beer Drinker” and in it he’s just telling you to thank a beer drinker for getting the work done that makes everyone else’s life easier. It’s an easy going song that makes you want to sing along. “Somethin’ to Drink About” brings up the power of a drink. This song takes you back to that era where country music was good-hearted fun. Starting off the song with a strong guitar and drum beat his voice comes in at just the right time.

The Ladies Love Him

His cowboy hat really gives him an edge, but he really knows how to melt a girl’s heart. His song “I Met a Girl,” just hit No. 1 on country radio this week. His voice can make any song sound like a love song. The soft melody with his powerful voice makes a wonderful song combination. “Spend It All on You” starts off with a jazzy feel. The hi-hat hits on the off beats while William Michael Morgan lets his voice trail off. These two songs have to be my favorite on the entire album.

His Heartbreak Songs Are As Good As His Love Songs

“Cheap Cologne” is the best heartbreak song I have heard in a long time. It’s so catchy, you’ll be singing it by the second chorus. It’s a fun song to dance to, but listening to the lyrics tell a different story. He’s singing about his girl cheating on him “She don’t smoke cigarettes and I don’t wear cheap cologne…” While he trails off and you wonder, who would ever cheat on him? “Lonesomeville” is also one of those heartbreak songs that draw you in. It reminds me of “The Dance” by Garth Brooks. It’s sad and it breaks your heart as soon as you listen to it, but you can’t seem to stop. His voice keeps drawing you in.

His Parents Are His Heroes

“I Know Who He Is” is something that every child can relate to, but especially ones whose parents are going through a sickness where they forget who the people around them are. William Michael Morgan insists he will always remember his father being his coach and how his father doesn’t have to remember a thing because William Michael Morgan will remember everything for him. It’s a shout out for his dad. “Back Seat Driver” is advice from his parents as they’re letting him go. Make sure you do this and that, but I can’t go with you. Each of these songs brings you back to what your parents taught you and how they were always right.


“Vinyl” is a song that inspired the album’s name. He sings about how this girl is just like vinyl: “They don’t make ‘em no more like you…” he sings. His lines are smooth and there’s no doubt that it’s an instant classic and the perfect ending to a perfect album.

William Michael Morgan is turning country music into country music again. He is one of those artists that will stay true to himself, a country boy from Mississippi. He is soaring through country music as if it were in his veins. William Michael Morgan will soon be a household name and words can’t express how much I loved each song on this album.

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