Video of Pint-Sized @LukeBryanOnline Fan Goes Viral (Watch!)

When I was little, my parents sang to me about rubber duckies when I was in the tub. Three-year-old Alabama cutie, Ava, is clearly being parented in a way that was far superior to my experience.

On April 3rd, Ava’s mom, Adrian Finley, pleaded her case for the Mother of the Year award through a video she posted on Twitter, showing Ava’s bath time with her dad, Jonathan. As Ava is trying to tell her daddy all about who she loves, he has a little fun with her, offering up fake guesses of “lil bunny” and “look funny.” Then, in a fatherly “ah ha” moment, he jokingly realizes that what she has been saying all along is the name of her favorite country singer, Luke Bryan.

Once Ava finds out that she was finally understood, she adorably exclaims “I love him! Like oh my gosh!” And like oh my gosh, do we love Ava here at Country Music’s #CMchat! Watch the Twitter video below to fall in love, as well!

Author: Jen

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