[email protected] Is a Band for the People

So you probably know that Zac Brown Band has a new single, “Homegrown,” that is gaining some serious praise, but did you know it is the first venture in the band’s partnership between their own Southern Ground Records, fashion designer John Varvatos’s record label and Nashville-based Big Machine Records? Kind of leads us to believe this is a great match and everyone involved is headed in the right direction because the song straight up rocks. And you know what? So does Zac. He believes the kind of people he surrounds himself with has been crucial to the band’s success.

“It’s all about the people,” he reflects. “It’s all about the help that I have, and I’ve got brilliant, passionate people that I try to instill the way that I would answer or to do things. We have our philosophy behind it, but that’s the only way it gets done, with all of our people.”

The new album from Zac Brown Band is due in stores and online this spring so be on the look out for that!

Author: Country Cadre

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